Does your slogan MEANINGFULLY set you apart?

An effective slogan or tagline helps to express the difference your brand makes over to competitors in a concise and easily memorable way. It’s not just a matter of a ‘nice catchy’ phrase. The best slogans set you apart from competitors and create an expectation about what (functional, emotional, social) experience a brand will give you:

  • Disneyland – The happiest place on earth.
  • Holiday Inn – Pleasing people the world over
  • BMW: the ultimate driving experience / Sheer Driving Pleasure
  • TATA Indica: More car per car.
  • FIAT Linea: Admiration guaranteed.
  • Everything We Do is Driven By You –Ford
  • The toughest 4 letter word on wheels.-Jeep
  • Kerala: God’s own country (immediately I envision a garden of Eden!)
  • Karnataka: One state, many worlds
  • Walmart – Save Money. Live Better.
  • Making India Beautiful – Big Bazar

Effective slogans are inalienable                                                                                                         The strongest brand essences and, therefore, slogans are not exchangeable. They really differentiate. You cannot just stick it on a competitor. The tourism campaigns of Kerala state ‘God’s own country’ is a good example of this. It would be a bit alienating if the desert-rich Emirates would use it.

If you notice a slogan does not help to distinguish the brand from its competitors, it is of little value. Does this help me choose?:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton : Delivering Results That Endure
  • AT Kearney: Ideas that last

Mediocre slogans are interchangeable with any brand. They don’t communicate any difference. You can put them on each brand in a certain market. They promise to be something generic; they are unspecific in what difference to expect. As a result, they do not help customers choose.

  • “Who shall I now prefer? Am I better off with SAS ‘Air travel with a difference’ (what difference?) or Iberia ‘more than just flying’ (more of what)?
  • The tourism campaign of Madhya Pradesh promises ‘Everything is possible’. But everything…That’s a lot…

Do yourself a favor, stay away from empty promises like ‘Grandma Strawberries. More than Strawberries alone’. 

Make it easy memorable                                                                                                                       Try to be as concrete as possible. How many people will understand Edelweiss slogan: Ideas create. Values protect? The easier the meaning, the more easily memorable your slogan will be.

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