How to create an ACTIONABLE brand document?

A well defined and documented brand identity is a great tool to bring focus to your business activities. It’s organizing principle that defines what products you make, what features you highlight, what people you engage with, what you communicate and how.

A well defines brand document brings clarity about the desired customers experience of the brand. How do we want customers to talk about us: in people’s language – not in corporate lingo? How do they define what difference we make? How do they define our character?

One of the main failings of brand documents and definitions is that they are overly complex and abstract. Often I’ve seen employees as well as creative agencies struggle to make sense of overly complicated models. 12 profile words, 6 personality traits and several paragraphs of mission and vision are simply.

Often models are made by consultants, in collaboration with the people of the marketing department, in splendid isolation from the people on the work floor. Once the consultants are gone and the communication manager switched jobs, the danger is that no one knows exactly what is meant….As a result, the organization looses focus on delivering the brand promise.

Throw away those brand-spiders, brand-butterflies and whatever pseudo-scientific looking models! Keep it stupid simple.

‘Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless’ – Morris Chan

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