How to become (social) TALK of the town?

The most memorable and successful ‘social’ campaigns are seldom random ‘one-day-flies’, born out of a briefing like “Please create awesome content for channel X that will get us lots of traction, likes and shares and make our brand look cool”.

A successful content strategy is built around moments where consumers seek information or inspiration. Instead of putting channels first, smart marketeers start with putting themselves in the shoes of their customers, asking themselves questions like: What kind of challenges do customers face in the domain of our brand (for instance travel or cooking)? How can we help or delight them in this process – in a way that fits our brand promise? Take for instance Unilevers margarine brand Croma:

  • Market research learned Unilever that many consumers struggle to bake or grill the perfect piece of meat. Instead of talking about butter, they offer customers a culinary ‘mini – master class’ baking and roasting via multiple channels: on the shop-floor, during consumer-fairs as well as via digital social platforms.
  • The insight that gathering and documenting inspirational travel tips is often a hassle (you 8 messages from different people via multiple channels) and often happens via social media (tips anyone?) led airline KLM to offer a ‘Social Travel Map’. An online tool empowers you to gather travel tips from your friends. Once you’re done your personal travel map is aggregated and delivered to your doorstep in print.


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