Why CONSISTENCY is key for any brand

Brands deliver customers. Being on-brand keeps them coming back. Brands reduce uncertainty by promising as well as delivering a consistent, predictable experience. From the combination of messages and experiences we get from a brand, we believe that we will receive a certain, distinctive experience from it. It’s this belief that inspires trial and loyalty.

People mentally ‘add up’ everything they see, hear and feel from a brand. If different brand expressions contradict each other, it’s confusing for customers. Compare it with the people we meet in daily life. How trustworthy do you consider somebody who is dressed in a posh way, but talks with a rough rural accent? For the same reason a brand can’t have a a formal and corporate style today and be loose and witty tomorrow. That may be detrimental to its credibility. Confusing is losing.

As a brand you have to be consistent as well as coherent. Only then will you be able to win consumer trust, preference and loyalty. The more consistent, the more credible.Anything people hear, read, see, feel about a brand must be recognizable and leave the same impression with customers.

The worlds strongest brands deliver a consistent brand experience through all the senses. Singapore Airlines has perfected this like no other. Every single one of their planes smells the same, plays the same music. The make-up of all flight attendants is recognizable and in-sync. It’s no coincidence that their customer satisfaction is among the highest in the world.

Renewal and recognizability: a fine balance                                                                         Between the need to continue to attract attention and to be consistent, there is a healthy tension. A brand must be consistent on the one hand, and continue to surprise update itself on the other. If you don’t move on with trends, you risk becoming irrelevant and out of touch with consumers. Successful brands know exactly how to find a balance between familiarity and innovation.





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