Brand values: business boosters or bullshit?

Does your organization also have those lovely sounding – but massively ignored brand values? Don’t worry your not alone: the world is infested with utterly useless ‘brand values’. The good news: if defined well, brand values can be a great tool to keep your organization focused, your customers happy and your business booming. But words alone are not enough – especially if you’re a service brand. Making your values work needs smart thinking and…perpetual action!

How striking and memorable is your brand’s FACE?

Competition for market-share starts with competing for attention. Consumers don’t pay attention to everything they see and remember even less. As Seth Godionce said ‘Your’e either remarkable or you’re invisible’. We each interact with hundreds of brands each day, Yet how many do you remember? Even high visibility in the market and big media-budgets don’t guarantee…